SIRIUS PROJECTS engages a broad range of clients in the energy, petro-chemical and engineering sectors. The company is proud of the proven track record in applying our core competencies in LSTK, EPC/EPCM projects (CAPEX and Maintenance Projects), and provide any of the following elements as stand-alone services:

Operating Plant Services

Sirius Projects has worked almost exclusively on plant maintenance projects such as equipment renewals, equipment repairs and part equipment replacements with close interface with plant maintenance personnel.

We offer the following services to plant maintenance and operational clients in the industry:

  • GAP analyses of business improvement projects
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control system development
  • Commercial/contractual support in maintenance project development work.
  • Documentation Assessments and Drawing Squad checking.

Engineering Design and Management

We provide management of all technical and engineering aspects of the project from the conceptual phase through to detailed design, installation and commissioning. The engineering process includes the following:

  • Business and user requirement analysis and documentation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Systems engineering and analysis
  • Concept design development
  • Basic engineering development
  • Detail engineering
  • Multi-disciplinary Engineering Design
  • Specialized Equipment and Piping Design by Registered Professional Engineers
  • Hazardous operability studies
  • Deviation analysis
  • Client specifications development
  • Technical reviews


SIRIUS PROJECTS provides specialist procurement services of materials, equipment and contracted services to support the project designs and execution needs. We employ tailor-made procurement systems based on national and international best practices.

Fully documented Purchase Requests, Requests for Quotation, Tender Clarifications, Bid Clarifications and Award procedures, including Contract Management records provide traceability and detailed accounts of our engagement with goods and material suppliers as well as contractors and supporting service providers.

Project management

SIRIUS PROJECTS employs a disciplined approach when rendering our services, adhering to project-specific needs in application of the PMBOK® Guide for project management processes:

  • Integration Management
  • Time management
  • Scope management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality management
  • Human Resource management
  • Communications management
  • Risk management
  • Procurement Management
  • Change management

Construction management

Our Construction Management processes demonstrate our experience in the execution of mainly brownfields construction work under difficult shutdown and live plant conditions.

SIRUS PROJECTS develops project-specific programs for all construction operations and supporting logistics required to integrate the design intent into manufacture, installation, inspection and testing, as well as final checkouts and handover to clients.

The safety culture within SIRIUS PROJECTS is proudly based on our theme of “Make Safety Your Companion”.

We have a proud safety record in rendering our services on-site and focus our construction efforts to mitigate risks, maintaining a vigilant focus on incident and accident avoidance. We pride ourselves that our Construction Management processes meet with highest industry safety standards in petro-chemical facilities, power stations, mines and factories.

Cost Engineering Services

SIRIUS PROJECTS views Cost Engineering a crucial component in any project life-cycle. Our proven ability to manage both simple and complex projects enables us to provide the following services:

  • Conducting risk assessments and identifying the cost impacts of design, procurement and construction risks.
  • Development of project budgets
  • Early costing of designs with increased levels of accuracy from concept development to implementation
  • Financial feasibility and viability studies and reviews
  • Project cash flow management and analysis – debtor and creditor management services
  • Measurement of project progress and certification of payment claims
  • Assessment of cost changes during project scope variations
  • Management of cost change control
  • Project control base development and updating
  • Final account verification and settlement

Contract and commercial management

SIRIUS PROJECTS specializes in contract and commercial management in the project management environment and renders the following services:

  • Understanding the project scope to develop the best contracting strategies for resource procurement and execution of the work
  • Compilation of Scopes of Work and Invitation to Tender documents
  • Tender adjudication and recommendations
  • Assessment, mitigation and management of contractual terms and conditions, obligations and risks
  • Contract dispute resolution and mediation
  • Procurement and commercial management of supply chain logistics, inclusive of goods and services

We employ highly experienced contract and commercial officials with experience in most contract forms. Our exposure to and use of the NEC (New Engineering Contract) has led to a demand for our service from a wide client base, and we are recognized as some of the leading experts in this field.